Sultan Of Selangor & Sultan Of PerakSultan Of Perak – Paduka Seri Sultan Sir Iskandar Shah al-Kaddasullah ibni Sultan Sir Idris Murshid al-Adzam Shah Rahmatullah GCMG, KCVO [ 1918 – 1938 ]
Sultan Of Selangor – Paduka Sri Sultan Sir Ala’uddin Suleiman Shah, KCMG, GCMG, KCVO [ 1898 – 1938 ]


His highness Sultan Of Selangor raised the question of the judicial powers of kathi’s and proposed that a religious code be compiled of hukum shara and adat.
He stated such a code once been drawn up but he had lost sight of it.

His highness Sultan Of Perak said that in his opinion every principle of Muhammadan law should be settled in kathi’s court, and not by supreme court nor should lawyer be allowed to intervene.

His highness Sultan Of Selangor objected to lawyers having anything to do with Muhammadan cases but thought that kathi’s cold not settle all such cases.

His highness Sultan Of Perak brought up the question of the prevalence of phthisis and the opening of a sanatorium