Raja Muda Laut - Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Muda SelangorD.Y.T.M. Raja Muda Laut ibni al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salah Uddin Shah @ Raja Lumu Ibni Raja Chellak, Raja Muda (s/o Y.A.M. Raja Asiah [Sia] binti Sultan Ali ‘Ala uddin Shah Ibni Raja Kamboja [Raja Ali I], Yang di-Pertuan Muda of Riau).

b. at the Istana, Kuala Selangor, 1850, educ. privately. MSC 1881-1903, Penghulu and Magistrate Kuala Lumpur, Member Kuala Lumpur Sanitary Brd., Chairman Kampung Bahru Agricultural Settlement 1902.

Appointed as Heir Apparent and invested with the title of Raja Muda 21 November 1899 From Paduka Sri Sultan Alau’uddin Suleiman Shah Ibni Almarhum Raja Muda Musa Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Samad Ibni Tengku Panglima Besar Raja Abdullah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salah Uddin Shah @ Raja Lumu Ibni Raja Chellak. Superceded as Heir Apparent 22 October 1903, but retained the title of Raja Muda until his death. He d. at Kuala Lampur, 9 June 1913.

Kwala Lumpur, 16th Sept.

An address in Malay was then presented by Rajah Laut of Kwala Lumpur, of which the following is a translation.

To His Excellency Sir Frederick Aloysius Weld, G. C. M. G., Governor of the Straits Settlements.

Now we, Raja Laut and all the Malay merchants and traders residing in Kwala Lumpur, welcome your Excellency in peace and safety, the great Governor of the Straits Settlements. From the fullness of our hearts we make known to your Excellency that it affords us great pleasure as also all the merchants and Malay inhabitants of the State, to observe the light of your countenance by day and by night in this unenlightened place; having been enlightened now thereby, we are now enabled to bask in the sunshine of your presence, therefore we the merchants, traders and general inhabitants feel very much elated at the arrival of your Excellency on this great occasion. This is an event which we shall all long remember.

Previous to the British Government affording us its advice, in placing a resident here to look after the welfare of Selangor, we felt like one wandering in the jungle, our way beset by thorns and thickets. If we were not careful how we guided our footstep we should inevitably have stopped on the thorns and wounded our feet. Therefore since the arrival of the British Resident in this country, we have felt as one lifted up and placed between Earth and Sky. So great has been the change from our previous to our present condition. The first and most important change is that now peace and prosperity reign throughout and confusion is unknown, so that all can dwell in peace and safety. The second is that foreigners and strangers now come in crowds, much to the profit of the country. Thirdly – All the laws are just therefore every one is settled in peace.

Fourthly – the country has been opened up and improved by means of roads so that all can easily come and go. Fifthly – This our railway is now made in order in further facilitate our means of transport and to assist in the development of this State, in order that the traders and others may work with profit to themselves and to the Government. Places that were far away have now been brought near, and goods that were dear have now become cheap. Now upon this day and this month is celebrated by opening of the railway therefore we all feel that we have received blessings from Providence, and from the fullness of our hearts we acknowledge this benefit not only before the face of your Excellency but also in our own inmost hearts. We know that all this has been brought about by the advice of your Excellency who has placed a British Resident in the country of Selangor in order to carry out laws that are just and customs that are correct by which the people derive the benefits and profits accruing from a good Government and the country is made beautiful and improved in all respects, – The Resident who has been entrusted with this mission and who at present resides among us takes great care and trouble to assist the people and improve the Country and to see that all who reside therein obtain justice.

Therefore we all think that H. H. the Sultan who reigns over the State of Selangor should ever feel grateful to Your Excellency and to those officers to whom is due the credit of having brought this our country to its present state of perfection, and we sincerely trust that the good understanding which now exists between Your Excellency and H. H. the Sultan may ever continue for the lasting benefit of this country and its people. This address is not inscribed at length to do justice to the theme but it is our sincere wish that Your Excellency may enjoy long life and prosperity and that further honours may be bestowed upon you for the great benefits you have conferred upon us.

Pictorial History of Railways around Kuala Lumpur or Pictorial History of Railways in Selangor


From the Straits Times Weekly Issue, 15th Sept. 1886, Pages 7, 8 & 9, The Opening of the Selangor Railway
(From our Special Correspondent)
Bukit Kudah, 15th Sept., 1886. –