Ucapan Terima kasih tak terhingga atas apa jua bantuan yang di hulurkan kepada seluruh ahli keluarga saya ketika kembalinya kerahmatullah AyahandaTersayang saya yakni Abdul Jalil Bin Ramli (Warisan Diraja Perak dan Selangor) Warisan Keturunan [1] Raja Ahmad Bin Raja Kechil Muda. 

Saya mohon doa kehadrat Ilahi, Agar Allah SWT jua yang akan membalas segala bantuan yang dihulurkan…
Kembalinya Kerahmatullah Ayahanda saya akibat daripada Sakit Tua di Rumah Taman Samudra, pada 30 Ogos 2012 dan selamat di semadikan di Tanah Perkuburan Taman Selasih.

Di doa semoga roh Ayahanda ditempatkan bersama-sama orang yang soleh dan beriman. Aamiin…
Al Fatihah….


[1] A History Of Perak – R.O Winstedt & R.J Wilkinson (SULTAN ABDULLAH SÉANCE) The Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah tried to laugh about it but declared later that he had never been so insulted in his life, and sent off a boat to Pasir Panjang to fetch the state wizard Raja Kechil Muda to hold a séance and enquire if the Guardian Genies Of Perak would destroy Mr. Birch. Before the séance began, the Sultan said, “If there be any spirits left in Perak, let us look into the future and see if there is any means by which he may die and his steamer be wrecked on the Perak bar.” The Sultan himself was one of the mediums and declared that Mr. Birch would die within a month. He stabbed a flour manikin repeatedly and said, “See! In a month Mr. Birch will be dead.” He paid another medium, Raja Ahmad B Raja Kechil Muda, $100 to produce Birch’s spirit of life in the form of a butterfly, which was killed with a knife. The excuse for the ceremony was the Sultan’s illness but the Sultan was walking about quite well and threatened death to any one who should speak of the séance to the English. 

In Perak the State shaman was commonly of the reigning house and bore the title of Sultan Muda. He was too exalted to inherit any other office except the Sultanate, and according to one account could ascend no temporal throne. 
He was allotted a State allowance from port dues and the tax on opium. The twenty-fifth holder of the office was a grandson on the distaff side of Marhum Kahar – Sultan Iskandar Zulkarnain – Cempaka Sari, a famous ruler of Perak in the eighteenth century: on the spear side he was a descendant of the Prophet! The wife of its holder bore the title of Raja Puan Muda. His deputy or heir-apparent was styled Raja Kechil Muda. So, too, in parts of Timor two Rajas are recognised-a civil raja who governs the people, and another raja who can declare tabus and must be consulted by his colleagues in all important matters.. 

At a curative (but not apparently at a State-cleansing) séance the spirit-raising shaman may be a woman. During the last illness of Sultan Yusuf, a nineteenth century ruler of Perak, a séance was conducted by Raja Ngah, a scion of the reigning house on the female side, “a middle-aged woman dressed as a man” for the occasion-a device I have seen adopted by Malay midwives also. 

Upacara bermain hantu atau berhantu diadakan di Batak Rabit pada 24-26 Ogos 1875. Kira-kira pukul 8.00 malam ramai hadir, duduk bersama Sultan Abdullah di balai. Di antara mereka yang hadir: Syahbandar, Raja Idris, Raja Kechil Muda, Raja Ahmad, Raja Mahkota, Raja Musa, Raja Lop Ahmad, Tuk Bandar, Che Amin, Indut, Syed Masahor dan Kulup Mat Ras. Ini adalah 1 daripada 5 cara dicadangkan untuk membunuh RESIDEN INGGERIS OF PERAK – J.W.W BIRCH. Ianya dicadangkan oleh Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II sendiri dan mohom jua telah menjemput Pawang Diraja iaitu Raja Kechil Muda bersama anaknya iaitu Raja Ahmad dari Pasir Panjang ke Batak Rabit.