H.H. the Sultan.— The President of the Selangor State Council is his Highness Sultan Alauddin Suleiman Shah, the Sultan of Selangor.

A son of the late Raja Muda Musa, he was born on September 30, 1864. He succeeded his grandfather, the late Sultan, H.H. Sir Abdul Samad, K.C.M.G., and came to the throne on February 17, 1898. He was installed as Sultan in November, 1903. He was educated in Malay, and is a man of enlighten-ment.

His Highness’s staff consists of — Secre-tary, Inche A.bdul Razak bin Haji Abdul Gani ; Penggawa, Haji Ahmad bin Baba ; Maharaja Hela, Haji Abdul Gani ; Shah Bandar, Haji Ali ; Bantara Kiri, Mohamed Amin bin Wan Mohamed Syed : and Bentara Kanan, Soloh bin Wan Mohamed Syed.